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We are a proud member of the American Fence Association - Fence Xperts
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how fences are built

​​Gate Installation 

When we install gates, we take special care to make sure they open and latch properly and are perfectly aligned. In many cases, special reinforced posts prevent later sagging or misalignment. For driveway gates, even more care is required, and we install any automatic gate openers exactly to specifications.

​​JULIE Locate 

Before we begin an installation, all public utilities on your property will be properly located to prevent any damage during the construction process.


Before leaving, we clean up all debris, redistribute any disturbed soil, and make certain the new fence and property look their best.

​​Finishing Work 

Installing accessories, such as finials, post caps, and other items and checking alignment, post height, and correcting any issues completes the construction. We invite the property owner to inspect the fence carefully, and correct any issues found during that inspection.


Depending on the type of material, we install pre-fabricated panels between posts, or install rails and pickets or boards. Spacing and alignment are double-checked constantly during construction.

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Serving Chicagoland & Metro Area!

    When you choose Fence Xperts to build your fence, you’ve chosen a Trusted Chicago Suburbs Fence Contractor with an outstanding reputation for quality products and services. Since 1992, we’ve been serving customers with a single goal: To deliver the highest quality in our products and services. Every new installation requires its own unique methods and techniques. Our highly skilled crews have the experience and training needed to construct every fence properly, efficiently, and beautifully. In Chicago’s harsh winter climate, special attention must be paid during the building process to ensure a durable, long lasting fence that looks as good years down the road as it does the day it’s installed. Although no two projects are the same, here are some of the common steps during the construction process. Fence Company proudly serving the Chicago Suburbs.

​​​Local Permits 

We will discuss with you the proper permits from your local city government and make sure all building codes and rules are strictly followed.


We’ll lay out your fence with you to make sure it is properly located on your property. Post positions will be accurately marked and alignment triple checked. Where uneven terrain exists on the property, compensation is carefully planned and carried out.

​​Post Setting 

Fence posts must be set deep to accommodate the cold winter weather in Chicago, reaching below the frost line to prevent frost heaving and movement. Proper anchoring, spacing, and alignment will be checked and rechecked. Every post must be perfectly vertical and precisely aligned to insure a straight, even fence.