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    We strongly encourage you to find the official property pins or markers to locate your property lines prior to any fence installation. Don’t assume that you know where your property lines are. You can’t rely on where a current fence is located, where you and or your neighbors mow their lawns or where your sprinkler heads are located. It can be very costly for you if you must move your new fence after installation.

    All incorporated cities and jurisdictions require that fences be built inside your property lines and do not encroach on neighboring properties. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure proper fence location. When your home was built, a surveyor marked your lot’s corners with property pins or other markers at each corner. Property pins are metal stakes that will sometimes have a round top and a plastic colored cap on them. Over the years, they often get buried beneath sod or other landscaping and are generally found just a few inches below the surface.

How to Find your Property lines

    If your Chicago Suburbs property pins are not marked or visible and you have a document called a “Plat of Survey,” you may be able to use that survey to locate the property pins yourself. You may have been given this document when you purchased your home. Check your mortgage and deed paperwork. If you don’t have a copy, this Plat of Survey may be available from the city or county in which you live. Another option is to ask your real estate agent or your mortgage company. They may have a copy of this document on file.

    Use the Plat of Survey’s information and dimensions to find one pin on the property. You can then measure from that pin to the next pin to find all the property pins. A “Plat Survey” or “Property Deed” document may also have enough information to help you. Uncover or flag each pin to mark its location.

    If you are not able to find the pins, you may be able to locate the pins by renting a metal detector. Another option is to use a GPS application on your cell phone or tablet to get you “close” by using some of the coordinates you have on your deed or other property documents. If you cannot find the pins yourself or think that a pin may have been moved, contact a professional surveyor to locate, expose and stake your property pins for you.

    For your safety, always call 811 to contact JULIE before digging in your yard. At no charge, they’ll locate and mark all buried public utilities so you can avoid them when you dig.  If you are having Xpert Fence install your fence, we always notify JULIE for all our customers (It is the responsibility of the contractor or the one doing the digging, to notify JULIE.)

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